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  • Listening to: Supergiant Games- Bastion OST
  • Reading: The Final Solution by Michael Chabon
  • Watching: HazeReality and FarrynMable. Go watch them, too!
Rather, I am working on a comic.  But "comicing" sounds like a cool thing to say, no? Or maybe that's just me.  :D
Anyway, I am currently working on a comic for Fiend, which I introduced here: (…).  It will be a prologue comic that introduces the characters, especially Seri, as I am struggling to write/draw him.
The only other art I have on here is "Glance" (…), but I will try to put more art, including this comic, in the coming weeks.  Hopefully I've improved.
Also, in case anyone was wondering about continuations to anything in my gallery that needs to be continued . . . well, I write some things based on my current curiosity or study of such topics in those works, and, once I'm not, my like for the story can kind of flop.  
Basically, I write what I want based on my current thoughts; when I move on to something else, I will also move on from what I wrote.  
The only thing I plan on continuing right now is the Charlene and Betty series-thing, and that Random Fantasy Story I did a while back (…).  Thanks, FarrynMable, for the inspiration with your awesome commision! (
So, expect comics!  And art.  And many, many contest entries.  Basically, expect lots of stuff soon.
Yep, that's it.
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October 15, 2012


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